Fernando Laczko: 'Up North Down South' - UNITED BMX

It's safe to say Fernando is finally back to health and hitting it harder than ever. After a long recovery from having ACL and Meniscus problems Fernando teamed up with Gonzalo and comes through with this 2019 edit.

“The whole idea to film with him was because I just came back from a recovery and wanted to take as much time as I needed to work on a video . I usually go on one week trips where the video needs to be finished after that. Last time I had the chance to take my time was for my welcome to united.
This has been filmed in duration of 9 months and has taken us all around Spain. From me going back and forth to Madrid and Gonzalo taking trips down here, we did a 7 days trip from Vigo to Madrid stopping in different cities such as Bilbao, Pamplona.
For me it’s more than a web video. If someone asked me to film a video part for a dvd I would give them this. I had that thought in my head while filming it, you know what i mean?
It was almost like I was filming an imaginary video part for myself. My “mental” had finally comeback after one year ACL and meniscus recovery, I could finally ride without having the worry in the back of my mind.
I picked Gonzalo cuz he’s the man in Spain to film with, we became friends while he was filming a homie and I knew I wanted to work on something with him ever since.” - Fernando


Yumi Tskuda’s signature style called for a signature frame and when it came time to craft one, Yumi knew exactly what he wanted — a simple, straightforward frame with a tall headtube and standover. Featuring a larger tube set, the YUMI is a strong, stiff frame with street geometry. A high bottom bracket helps with grind clearance, the steep headtube helps with front-end tricks and the thick micro-pegs will hold up better during peg chinks. Set sail on a YUMI and let the streets be your sea!

Endless Magazine - Fathead And Emerson - London Alike

Emerson and Fathead are two names that are all too familiar! Both have that simplistic less is more approach and make bike riding look way too easy! Put these two into the big smoke and let them have free reign and you’re left with this! Tap in tap out on the camera the perfect combo! Keep your eyes peeled for the full feature in the next issue of Endless, soon come, page flick! Edited by Emerson