Morgan Long's "BIRDS EYE" Pro Part

Morgan Long takes to the alleys and cuts of Long Beach and the greater LA area for what is surely his most heavy hitting video part to date. Being over a year in the making, Morgan was really able to craft a section that shows the intricacies and variety in his setup oriented brand of riding. The dude's got that eye for cutty setups but he's not afraid to straight send it either. This is Morgan Long's "BIRD'S EYE" PRO PART.


Video by Zach Krejmas Additional Filming by Grant Castelluzzo



"In our time we've seen so many companies come and go - it's tough out there. There's so many elements to put together to firstly make it initially work and that's not even the hardest bit, you've then got to evolve things constantly to keep the ship afloat. Animal founder and owner, Ralph Sinisi knows this all too well as he steers his creation towards its 20 year mark. We sat down to chat through company ups and downs, rumours, street riding and more. " - DIG 


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