Waking up to a message from Fathead is always a good way to start off the day. It’s either going to be some potty mouth nonsense or a plot of sorts to get on the road and riding our bikes. However this morning I was pleasantly surprised to find a link which pointed towards Fathead’s latest venture DEEP GULF! 11 minutes await, hit play and don’t delay! This ones sure to get you smiling and stays true to Fathead’s nature of having fun with his mates!


Fly Paul
Dan Price
Sam Waller 
Alex Valentino
Emerson Morgan


Maiden America V - Shop Stops - QBP X PROFILE X FBM

For the fifth year in a row FBM and Profile teamed up with QBP to hit up shops, spots and anything we can find for the annual ‘Maiden America’ tour. This years tour takes us to Northern California with Matt Coplon, Jay Schlie, Steve Crandall, Declan Murray, Garrett Guilliams, Shane Leeper,  Dillon Leeper and everyone’s favorite Eric Holladay as we hit up Van’s Bicycle center in Yuba City, Gearhead Bikes in Pacifica, and Calabazes Cyclery in San Jose. Check it out! - Steve Crandall

Brian Foster - Live the Dream

Here’s something that will get you excited! Some fresh Brian Foster footage from the lens of Navazio!


From Brian's recent BMX hall of fame introduction speech:

"So how the hell did I get here? I didn't mean to, I didn't want to be the best this, or the fastest that, I just liked riding my bike. I just wanted to have fun and that's what I did. I ended up riding so much that I got good at it" Nowadays Brian is well on his way to becoming a Doctor of Physical therapy. Not bad for a guy who's only real job was painting BMX frames at Cycle Craft in the early 90's. Nearly 30 years into his career, Brian is still out here living the dream.

Music Mo Lowda and the Humble "Card Shark"