4Down team riders and Harrogate locals Fathead (S&M Bikes) and Dan Barber ( Skavenger flow team) made an impulsive day-trip to visit us down here in Hastings. As they were here, they shot a few clips and I asked them a few questions. Check out photos and words below…

So what made you decide to come all the way down here? Business or pleasure?
ABH: Pleasure…I had wanted to bring Dan down to Hastings for a while to introduce him to Ian, Dean and the 4Down guys. Dan was really excited about coming so we just did it…

How did you get here? I believe there’s a story there…
ABH: Me and Dan have been without a car for a while. After a tainted trip to Sheffield on the train, we decided it was time for a vehicle. Dan made enquiries to a local scrap yard they had a 306 1.9 in…So Dan bought for £250 it and were here.

How was the drive down?
ABH: I did have to put up with some horrendous Bradford stories of gold men and money from Daniel Barber. No sleepy times at the wheel this time so i guess thats a plus.
DB: Don’t even get me started on the drive down! We were arguing before we even left Harrogate…

Do you think Cleggy’s jealous that you guys came down here without him? Like you don’t need him anymore to come down South?
DB: Yeah! I mean who wouldn’t be ? But his wife is with child so he’s taking care of her.
ABH: …Yeah, he has his child “Alexandre”on his mind.

How come you’ve only come down for a day-trip?
ABH: Well it’s a big day tomorrow- Charles Prow Memorial Jam, getting drunk all day.

How was your experience visiting 4Down?
ABH: Always a pleasure to hang with the guys. Always get looked after, Cheers guys!

It was your first time wasn’t it Dan!
DB: Loved every second of it, all the guys are really cool man!

We rode a strange selection of spots today didn’t we…
ABH: Ha! Yeah we hit some real sketchy stuff. I would have to say the best spot of the day was the park over the road from The Source – it was full of dirty eurovulgar teens.
DB: It was a big change to what i’m used to riding. I really enjoyed the little session at 4Down on the grindbox.

Why did Fathead crash so much?
ABH: No one else pushed boundaries of gravity/physics.
DB: Ha! You were too busy thinking about food !

Do you think you’ll be back soon?
ABH: Deffo, I love it, my home away from home!  Lovely holiday…
DB: Yeah I’ll be back as soon as I can…I love this place !

You two sick of each other yet?
ABH: No, he’s like a fostered son to me. Really shit stories though.
DB:  Bad boys for life!

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