FBM’s Dillon Leeper has come through with this video part for Tioga, and it’s full of bangers and tech moves. This one is definitely recommended viewing, there’s some crazy stuff in here, and Dillon certainly has his 180 barspins on lock…


S&M‘s Hucker and Red Bull placed a full loop in the middle of a set of jumps, which results in some crazy footage. Loop to frontflip? Not a problem…Read the full story of the project and an interview with Hucker along with a behind the scenes video right here.


IMG_6704-600x399S&M CEO Chris Moeller has a bike check over on the Transworld BMX site, where he talks about his chrome S&M Credence CCR frame.


This year’s Fun Fun Fun fest which recently went down in Austin Texas looked like a good one, with appearances from Mat Hoffman riding in a big ol’ leg cast, The Fids,Clint Reynolds, Chase Hawk, Matt Roe and more. Lots of repping from S&M, Etnies and FBM right here, presented by Steve Crandall.


4Down Playlist 7: The Fids  | S&M UK
Song: You Can’t Bring Me Down Artist: Suicidal Tendencies 

“This band are badass in so many ways. I have such good memories of going to see them back in the day, I may have seen them over 10 times. I think once we saw Rage Against The Machine support them before anyone even knew who they were. I like this song because growing up sucked for me, being bullied at school, being bullied at the skate park I use to ride at as a kid, and when I first heard this song it was so was like just giving  the middle finger to everyone!”

Fids NothingListen to/buy Suicidal Tendencies on iTunes here.
Benson photo



Bicycle Union affiliates Robbo & Jimmy Rushmore have some clips in this video from, filmed at the annual Catty Woods Halloween Jam. These trails are next level, check it out.


22775The Chocolate Truck DVD is now in stock here at 4Down, so we thought we’d give it a review to give you an idea of just how good it is!

FIlmed/Edited By Matt Miller, running time approx 45 minutes

Featuring: Nick Barrett, Dan Bob, Carl Brown, Kyle McClinton, Matt Miller, Joe Niranonta, Ryan Niranonta, Brendon Reith, Joby Suender, Mike Swify, Steve Tassone, Kevin Vannauker, Breyon Woods, John Yoh

The Chocolate Truck DVD was something that I knew was going on via various social media platforms, and from the glimpses I got, I had a feeling this would be just my thing, a raw East Coast street DVD, but I had no idea how good it was actually going to be. When I finally got my hands on a copy and gave it its first watch, right from the outset as the intro kicked in, I knew it was going to be awesome. These guys had obviously gone all out for this video, and aside from the actual riding you get a really good feel for the crew itself and how they’re genuinely having a good time on their bikes together, which is always so clear when it’s natural and not fabricated for the sake of good footage. As with a lot of videos from this area, of course there’s a load of footage of random happenings, quad bike wheelies and strange characters popping up all the way though. A real surprise in this video was the music. I was expecting the staple modern rap soundtrack that we’ve all become used to, but Matt Miller has defied convention and used a really eclectic mix of songs throughout the course of the video, which sets the sections apart really effectively, giving each part its own unique character. The music spans a whole range of genres and for me was a big part of what makes the Chocolate Truck DVD so watchable. It gave the video that instant classic kind of feel. As far as the riding goes, the level is really high throughout, the crew is way too dialled, and the spots are just incredible. So many times in the video I’d find myself looking at what someone was riding and almost be distracted from the trick by how fun the setup looked. There’s obviously no shortage of cool stuff in their area, and there’s a real nice mix of classic East Coast spots and brand new ones that haven’t been seen before. One of the stand out sections for me was Carl Brown who opens the DVD with a hefty crash section, followed by a barrage of absolute hammers. Some of the uprail stuff he does is out of hand. Matt Miller, who filmed and edited the video has one of my favourite sections, which contains the biggest full cab I’ve seen in a while, as well as lots of mind-melting technical lines. Kevin Vannauker wraps the whole thing up with a nice mix of technical riding and big scary stuff. As I said, every part in this video is really good, and there’s nobody who’s section lets the video down. The mix of riding styles keeps the video interesting and fresh from start to finish. The filming is clean and on-point, and the no-nonsense solid editing results in the whole video maintaining a really enjoyable pace. It’s exactly what you’d want from a video like this. If you’re a fan of legitimate spot-based raw street riding, Skavenger, ANML & AM:PM videos, and UK videos like Strangeways, Grey Haven and Standard Procedure etc, I’d consider the Chocolate Truck DVD a must have, and definitely one of those videos that will make a frequent appearance in your DVD player before going out for a session.

Chocolate Truck DVD in our Product Area
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Vital BMX have posted a bike check with ANML’s Chase Dehart, where he runs through his current setup, including ANML’s V3 sprocket, Javelin hub and RS rim set. It’s not all tech talking though, he also cruises a park with his unmistakable style. Spotted via ANML.


Tom Dugan, Justin Spriet, Jordan Hango and Cristian Porras take a ferry over to a crazy concrete park on Orcas Island and give it a right seeing to in this new edit from Fit.


Whip_pic-by-Caleb-DavisonS&M/Credence’s Clint Reynolds has a Rapid Response article over on the Dig site, accompanied by some cool pictures, go take a look, Clint is rad…

Anthem II Declassified – Clint Reynolds from S&M Bikes on Vimeo.

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