owain_hastings_tripAs you might have spotted on our Instagram, Owain Clegg and his crew visited Hastings for a few sunny days on the South Coast last week. Fortunately, Joe Holland documented all the lads smashing it. Click through to see a few of our favourites, then go and visit Joe’s Flickr page where you can see the whole collection.


The Loot released their first mixtape this week, featuring Bengo, Alex Kennedy, Dan Paley, Mike Taylor, Josh Roberts, Addy Snowdon, Dan Roper and Fitzy hitting a huge amount of amazing looking predominantly Northern spots. Lots of really solid riding in this, we’re already looking forward to #2!


OBAWHIPS_10ANML posted up a rad bike check with Oba Stanley featuring some of the coolest bike part photos we’ve seen in a very long time! Go take a look.


4Down Playlist 2: Farren Downes | Fit UK
Song: Tracks Artist: Serengeti

“Despite several hauls of music being shifted in and out, this song (and the album it’s from) always remains safely inside my generic MP3 playing device and will continue to do so for a long while yet. The recording sounds sh*tty & he’s miserable as f*ck, which for me, is exactly what I’m looking for in a rap song. He was a support act for a band I went to see a couple of years ago, and I buzzed on him more so than I did on the headline act, and I have been a fan ever since.

I just think he paints a really good picture in your head with what he’s saying. There’s a tonne of good quotes.

 ”Oh my dear, how loveable is that? Light as a feather, stiff as a dead cat!”

It’s basically a song made up of sweeping statements of misery with off kilter drums and a badly tuned violin popping in now and then. Quite frankly I love all that!”

Listen to / download Serengeti on iTunes here.



The Crucial BMX team hit the road for a couple of days, heading to the Mt Hawke Easter Jam before racing back home for their own Easter jam at the end of the weekend. Video features Vince Mayne, Max Wood, Bob Manchester, Dan Shepherd, Del Shepherd, Emerson Morgan and Michael Jordan.


etniesfallEtnies posted up their Fall 2013 Online Catalogue for you to take a look through. As always there’s a whole load of really nice looking brand new products in there, especially the Etnies x United collaboration range! Click the image above to view online or download.


I like this Shawn McIntosh interview from ESPN, nice mellow vibe, some real good riding, and an insight into what is going on in his life, including filming for the upcoming Fit full length dvd and how it feels to film an ABD move.

The full range of Fit Shawn McIntosh signature products are available right now from all 4Down dealers.

Fit Mac Completes
Fit Mac Frame
Fit Mac Bars
Fit Mac Grips
Fit Mac Pedals


FBM and friends session at The Lost Bowl and Bike Lot in RVA. One of our highlights was definitely some footage of the legend that is Garret Byrnes showing up in here, so good…


harry_tbogg_hipOur new Q&A feature, Last Orders, kicks off with new United & Etnies flow team recruit Harry Mills-Wakley. If this isn’t enough Harry for you, go check out his bike check and team page that recently got posted over on the United site.

1. What’s the last thing you did on your bike that you were psyched on? 
It has to be an oppo pegs to 360 at the 4Down park,  as no one else has set the rail up on top of one of the moveable ledges before, creating something new to session. It sent you high and far.

2.  What’s the last thing you tried on your bike that didn’t work out?
Ahh, definitely tailwhips, I have been trying on and off for a while now and it still doesn’t seem to happen.

3.  What’s the last thing that made you proud to ride BMX?
I recently moved to Liverpool for university, I knew nobody at first but after spending a fair amount of time at Rampworx I met a lot of new riders and they are all super cool and were very welcoming in offering me to go riding with them, cheers to all those guys.

4.  What’s the last thing that made you ashamed to ride a BMX?
Definitely when people see that you are trying something on your bike and they go and do it first try, that really annoys me a lot, it’s not a competition!

5.  What’s the last BMX video you watched?
The Afray 2013 mixtape

6.  What’s the last song you listened to?
Gang Starr, next time

7.  What’s the last website you visited?

8.  What’s the last thing that made you laugh?
Almost crashing on a roundabout in Brighton on the long trek back to Exeter with Jamie Skinner. I said “turn” and he just did it without looking and almost went straight into the side of another car…

9.  What’s the last thing that annoyed you?
When some drunk guy called me sh*t locks, that annoyed me a bit…

10.What’s the last thing you did before filling this out?
I spent a couple days in Hastings filming a welcome edit at the 4Down ramps with James Cox.


The FBM 2004 ghetto jam really was legendary. Madmen flying all over the joint on ramps made of pallets and nails without a care in the world, sounds like a good time to me!

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